David Nwaba beat the odds, not getting chosen in the 2014 NBA Draft. His determination and defensive skills earned him a spot with the Los Angeles Lakers, proving that hard work can surpass draft expectations.

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Before entering the NBA, Nwaba honed his abilities in Spain and France. Winning championships in both leagues, he showed he could score and defend well, setting the stage for his professional career.

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Even though he's not a center, Nwaba excels as a shot blocker, ranking among the league's best. His chase-down blocks are a sight to see, leaving opponents amazed and frustrated.

David Nwaba's commitment to the weight room is legendary, changing from a high school soccer player to an NBA athlete. His physical journey underscores the strength of sheer determination.

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Nwaba's energy and hustle played a crucial role in the Oklahoma City Thunder's surprising 2019 playoff success. Notably defending Kawhi Leonard, he showed his ability to step up when it matters.

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 Born in a Sierra Leone refugee camp, Nwaba's journey from challenges to the NBA is truly inspiring. Basketball became his path, highlighting the sport's ability to overcome obstacles.

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 Nwaba values education, earning a bachelor's degree in business management while playing in the NBA. His dedication to academics sets him apart as a role model off the court.

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Nwaba channels his passion into community service, advocating for education and social justice. Regularly participating in events, he inspires young individuals to pursue their aspirations.

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Proud of his African heritage, David Nwaba actively promotes African culture. A vocal advocate, he celebrates music, dance, and the rich traditions of his continent.

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David Nwaba aims beyond basketball, expressing interest in entrepreneurship, fashion, and music. His diverse pursuits showcase a personality and determination that extend beyond the basketball court.

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