Wilt's 100-point masterpiece in 1962 isn't just a record; it's a Tuesday for the history books, carving his name as the highest single-game scorer in NBA history.

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Wilt ruled the boards like no other, clinching 11 NBA rebounding titles—a feat standing tall even today.

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 In 1962, Wilt averaged an astounding 50 points per game, an unmatched milestone in basketball history.

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Wilt's dominance echoed for 13 seasons, playing in every All-Star game of his career and proving his unwavering excellence.

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When he wasn't slam-dunking, Wilt showcased his skills as a talented volleyball player, even gracing the 1964 Olympics with his presence.

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Before basketball stardom, Wilt excelled in track and field, setting records in high jump and long jump, aiming for Olympic glory.

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Beyond the court, Wilt's generosity shone through, supporting children's charities and once buying out a movie theater for underprivileged kids.

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Wilt faced a segregated era, using his influence to champion racial equality and advocate for social justice.

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Post-basketball, Wilt delved into acting and even dropped a disco album—revealing his diverse talents beyond the hardwood.

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Wilt's impact transcends statistics. A towering figure in NBA history, forever known as "The Big Dipper," his legacy lives on, influencing the game and beyond.

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