Seth Curry, who hits three-pointers 43.9% of the time, is one of the best in the NBA, just like his famous brother, Stephen.

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Even though Seth didn't get chosen in the 2013 draft despite his success at Duke, his excellent shooting skills got him chances with different teams, and he became a regular player.

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Seth, often in the background, played an important role in the Golden State Warriors' 2015 championship, contributing valuable minutes and three-pointers during their successful run.

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Before joining the Philadelphia 76ers, Seth Curry played for five different teams in his first six seasons, showing he can adapt and bounce back.

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In 2022, Seth scored a career-high 45 points against the Cleveland Cavaliers, making 10 three-pointers in an amazing offensive performance.

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Besides being a great shooter, Seth has become a versatile player, improving his passing, defense, and overall understanding of the game.

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Unlike his talkative brother, Seth is known for being calm, letting his playing skills earn respect for his hard work and professionalism.

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The Curry brothers have a strong bond, often practicing together and motivating each other. Seth thanks Stephen for helping him overcome challenges early in his career.

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Actively involved in charity work, Seth supports children's education and health causes, showing his dedication to giving back.

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Seth Curry's journey from not being picked in the draft to being a reliable NBA player is an inspiring tale of persistence and hard work, proving that dedication and talent can lead to success.

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