Lew, the forerunner to Kareem! His leadership guided the high school team to an astonishing 71-game winning streak, setting the stage for greatness.

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UCLA Bruin at heart, Kareem's legacy began with 3 NCAA titles and 2 Player of the Year awards, establishing him as a significant force.

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In 1969, Kareem rose as the #1 draft pick with the Milwaukee Bucks, paving the way for six NBA championships in a career that showed resilience.

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Behold the "Skyhook," an unstoppable signature shot that made Kareem the NBA's all-time leading scorer for nearly four decades.

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Beyond points, Kareem earned 6 MVP awards, made 19 All-Star appearances, and showcased his defensive skills with 11 All-Defensive Team selections.

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Moving from Milwaukee to L.A., Kareem added 5 more championship rings with the Lakers, achieving consecutive wins at the impressive ages of 38 and 39.

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More than a basketball icon, Kareem is a best-selling author, Emmy-nominated narrator, and a vocal supporter of justice causes.

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Witness Kareem's Hollywood reign! From "Airplane!" to "Game of Death," he showcased his versatile talent, proving he's not just a star on the court.

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Elevating his legendary status, Kareem was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2016, and a statue now stands proudly outside the Staples Center.

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Kareem's legacy continues to soar. Beyond the game, he mentors aspiring players, creates inspiring literature, and remains a strong voice for equality.

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