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Travis Kelce: Bio, Age, Stats, Height, Awards, Career Journey & More

Travis Kelce, a great football player from Cincinnati, Ohio, is 6’5″ tall and weighs 260 pounds. He was born on October 5, 1989, and plays as a really good tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs. He catches passes really easily and has been amazing since he joined the Chiefs in 2013. He’s been selected for the Pro Bowl 8 times and won the Super Bowl with his friend, quarterback Patrick Mahomes. Apart from being a great athlete, Kelce wins over fans with his energy, fun celebrations after scoring, and amazing skills on the football field. He shows that tight ends can be really fun to watch!

Travis Kelce’s personal details

Full NameTravis Michael Kelce
Birth DateOctober 5, 1989
Birth PlaceWestlake, Ohio, U.S.
PositionTight End
TeamKansas City Chiefs
CollegeUniversity of Cincinnati
Drafted2013 NFL Draft, Round 3, Pick 63
Super Bowl Wins2 (2020, 2023)
Father’s NameEd Kelce
Mother’s NameDonna Kelce
Brother’s NameJason Kelce
Father’s OccupationManufacturer’s Representative
Mother’s OccupationBank Executive

Travis Kelce height, weight & body stats

Measurement Value
Height 6 ft 5 in (1.96 m)
Weight 260 lb (118 kg)
Chest 44 in (112 cm)
Biceps 17 in (43 cm)
Waist 36 in (91 cm)
Shoe Size 14 US

Early life & family

Travis Kelce

Travis Kelce, the talented tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, came from the small city of Westlake, Ohio, in 1989. His family, including his dad Ed Kelce who worked in the steel industry and his mom Donna who managed the local bank, provided a strong foundation. Travis had an older brother, Jason, who was already excelling in football, which influenced Travis’s own interest in sports.

As a kid, Travis played sports at Cleveland Heights High School. Apart from loving football, he also tried basketball and baseball. Even though he wasn’t the biggest kid, his hard work and dedication made him stand out. His brother Jason, who was already a star in football, played with him often, teaching teamwork and making games enjoyable.

While Jason went to play college football in Cincinnati, Travis chose to stay closer to home and played for the University of Cincinnati Bearcats. His journey wasn’t easy, but he worked hard and used his natural talent. By his last year in college, Travis became a football star, catching passes and scoring touchdowns. The NFL noticed him, and in 2013, the Kansas City Chiefs picked him in the third round of the draft.

Moving from Ohio to Kansas had its difficulties, but Travis embraced his new home. Even though he became a rival on the field with his brother, who was playing for the Philadelphia Eagles, their brotherly bond remained strong off the field. In Kansas City, Travis did really well, exciting fans with his lively energy, incredible catches, and celebratory moves like Gronk.

Travis Kelce’s journey from a small Ohio town to the big stage of the NFL shows how determination, family, and having fun are important. Although he’s a football star now, he stays humble, never forgetting where he came from, the strong bond with his brother, and the valuable lessons he learned at Cleveland Heights. His story reminds us that success isn’t just about scoring touchdowns but also about staying true to yourself and enjoying the journey.

Travis Kelce’s education & career journey

Travis Kelce, the lively tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, didn’t start his journey in the amazing world of professional football. Born in 1989 in Westlake, Ohio, a peaceful town, Travis came from a supportive family. His father, Ed Kelce, worked in the steel industry, while his mother, Donna, managed the local bank. Travis’s older brother, Jason, already gaining fame on the football field, set the stage for Travis’s own athletic pursuits.

Cleveland Heights High School was where Travis honed his sports skills. Beyond his love for football, he found happiness in basketball and baseball. Even though he wasn’t the biggest kid around, his determination and hard work made him stand out. It wasn’t just about the games; it was about working together, athletic abilities, and the joy of playing with his best friend, his brother Jason.

As Jason went to Cincinnati for college, Travis chose to stay close to home, joining the University of Cincinnati Bearcats team. Travis wasn’t an instant sensation, but his unwavering effort and natural talent gradually became more prominent. By his senior year, he had become a star, showing off his skills in catching passes and scoring touchdowns. This caught the attention of the NFL, leading to his selection by the Kansas City Chiefs in the 3rd round of the 2013 draft.

The move from Ohio to the Midwest wasn’t easy, but Travis embraced his new home. Despite now being on different teams from Jason, who played for the Philadelphia Eagles, the brothers stayed close off the field. In Kansas City, Travis thrived, winning the hearts of fans with his infectious energy, incredible catches, and celebratory spikes reminiscent of Gronk.

Kelce’s record in college?

Kelce and Cincinnati joined forces for an impressive 32-7 record during his three college seasons, creating a story filled with successes and occasional challenges. A redshirted period in 2008 and a sidelined status in 2010 due to a team rules violation add a touch of mystery to his journey, shaping a collection of experiences beyond the simple win-loss count. The seasons of sitting on the bench and breaking rules, though not considered in the overall statistics, cast shadows and highlights alike.

Kelce’s bowl game adventures showcase the unpredictability of his football experiences. A 2-1 scorecard unfolds, where victory and defeat intertwine. The excitement of success echoes in the bowl wins, while the unpleasant taste of defeat lingers from the sole appearance in a New Year’s Six Bowl (Sugar) in 2009. It’s a rollercoaster ride through the highs of victory and the lows of loss, epitomizing the unpredictable nature of college football.

Navigating through the ups and downs of college sports, Kelce’s journey becomes a story rich in complexity. Marked by rule infractions and celebratory bowl game wins, his college saga is far from a straightforward success tale. The twists and turns add an air of confusion, ensuring that every victory and setback becomes a crucial part of the tapestry of his football legacy.

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Travis Kelce top 10 game stats

#DateOpponentResultSignificancePASS YDSRUSH YDSTDINTKey Plays
12020-10-18Buffalo BillsW 26-17Chiefs’ 1st AFC West title since 201613303011 rec, 147 yds, 3 TDs
22020-01-12Houston TexansW 31-20Divisional RoundKelce’s 1st playoff 100+ yard game11001010 rec, 131 yds, 1 TD
32023-10-29Tennessee TitansW 30-24OT comeback winKelce’s 1st career OT TD9723010 rec, 111 yds, 3 TDs
42022-11-27Los Angeles RamsL 27-34Rams end Chiefs’ 6-game win streakKelce’s 1st 150+ yard game of 202215931013 rec, 159 yds, 1 TD
52018-10-14Jacksonville JaguarsW 30-14Kelce’s career-high 13 recLongest receiving streak at the time (11 games)17071013 rec, 168 yds, 1 TD
62017-12-18Denver BroncosW 30-13Clinched AFC WestHighest completion % for Mahomes on Kelce throws (95.5%)2490208 rec, 100 yds, 2 TDs
72016-12-24Oakland RaidersW 37-21Kelce’s 1st 100+ yard gameSet Chiefs’ single-game receiving record for TEs (127 yds)17902011 rec, 127 yds, 2 TDs
82022-01-23Cincinnati BengalsW 27-24AFC ChampionshipKey 3rd-down catch in OT482106 rec, 78 yds, 1 TD
92019-10-27Detroit LionsW 35-24Kelce’s 1st 10+ catch game of the seasonMahomes & Kelce connection shines in Mahomes’ 1st full season24903011 rec, 121 yds, 3 TDs
102018-09-23Los Angeles ChargersW 38-28Season opener performance10 catches for 124 yards on 12 targets28602010 rec, 124 yds, 2 TDs

His notable awards & achievements

  • Super Bowl Champion with the Kansas City Chiefs: Won Super Bowl LIV (2020) and Super Bowl LVII (2023).
  • Conference Champion with the Kansas City Chiefs: Secured AFC Championship 3 instances (2019, 2020, 2023).
  • NFL Records:
  • Most Consecutive 1,000-Yard Seasons: Set a report with seven consecutive seasons (2016-2022) exceeding 1,000 receiving yards as a tight cease.
  • Most Overall 1,000-Yard Seasons: Holds the NFL record for seven total seasons (2016-2022) with 1,000 receiving yards as a decent quit.
  • Most Receiving Yards by a Tight End (Single Season): Established a single-season document with 1,416 yards in 2020.
  • Fastest Tight End to ten,000 Career Receiving Yards: Became the 5th tight lead to NFL records to achieve this milestone in 2022.
  • Pro Bowl Selection: Chosen for the Pro Bowl eight times (2013, 2015-2023).
  • First-Team All-Pro Recognition: Earned First-Team All-Pro honors 4 instances (2016, 2018, 2020, 2023).
  • Second-Team All-Pro Recognition: Named Second-Team All-Pro twice (2014, 2017).
  • NFL Offensive Player of the Week: Awarded four instances at some point of the player’s profession.
  • Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year Award Nominee: Nominated in 2022 for first rate network provider and management.

Kelce’s relationships, partner, children & personal life

Travis Kelce, the great tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, is known for being excellent at football. But when it comes to his private life, he keeps it very private, just like he holds onto the football during a game. Right now, he’s single, and news about his love life seems to be more messy than smooth. Let’s find out more about Kelce’s mysterious dance after scoring a touchdown!

In the past, Kelce was on a reality TV show called “Catching Kelce,” where he tried to find his perfect match. He briefly dated the winner, Maya Benberry, but it didn’t work out. After that, Kelce had a five-year on-and-off relationship with TV personality Kayla Nicole. Their relationship had good and bad moments, both on and off the field, until they decided to break up in 2022.

Now, there are rumors about Kelce possibly dating singer Taylor Swift. They were seen together at her “Eras Tour,” and Kelce even tried to become friends by giving her a bracelet. But neither of them has said anything, so fans are wondering if it’s a new romance or just a friendly hangout.

Outside of football, Kelce cares a lot about his family. His relationship with his brother, Jason, who also plays in the NFL, is very important to him. They even co-host a podcast together. Kelce loves spending time with his dad and enjoys being with his nieces and nephews.

Looking forward, Kelce is focused on playing well for the Chiefs. While he’s open to finding love again, he’s determined not to let it distract him from the game. Whether he takes big risks in love or stays completely focused on his career, one thing’s for sure: Travis Kelce will always be someone to watch, showing off his skills both on and off the field.

Some interesting facts about Travis Kelce

  • Honoring Family: Kelce proudly wears the range 87 in tribute to his older brother Jason, who’s additionally an NFL player, showcasing the sturdy bond between them on the soccer subject.
  • Consistent Excellence: Setting an excellent NFL document, Kelce holds the title for the most consecutive 1,000-backyard receiving seasons by way of a tight cease, proving his unwavering elite overall performance over seven seasons.
  • Touchdown Traditions: Kelce’s post-touchdown celebrations, including the “Dirty Bird” and the “Griddy,” have become mythical, adding pleasure and, at times, sparking controversy all through the game.
  • Beyond the Field: In 2016, Kelce multiplied his presence past football by using website hosting the relationship display “Catching Kelce,” revealing a charismatic aspect that is going beyond his on-discipline prowess.
  • Making a Difference: Through the status quo of the “87 Foundation,” Kelce actively contributes to helping underserved groups and children, addressing issues like homelessness and improving youngsters sports access.
  • Style and Swagger: Unafraid to show off his unique style, Kelce sticks out with ambitious suits and colorful threads, setting up himself as a trendsetter both on and off the soccer field.
  • Podcast Partners: Teaming up along with his brother Jason, Kelce co-hosts the “New Heights” podcast, imparting humorous insights into NFL life and showcasing their near sibling dating.
  • Double Triumph: As a two-time Super Bowl champion with the Kansas City Chiefs, Kelce has verified his dominance at the grandest stage in soccer, lifting the Lombardi Trophy two times.
  • Media Marvel: Known for his outspoken persona and playful trash communicate, Kelce continues the audience engaged together with his unique media appearances, including a hint of spice to the football scene.
  • Holistic Approach: Kelce, a a laugh-loving and passionate participant, emphasizes that soccer isn’t always just about data but encompasses amusement, network, and celebrating the affection for the game.


Travis Kelce, the landing maestro, illustrates that dreams aren’t merely granted; they are pursued. Transitioning from a past due bloomer to the NFL’s cream, he imparts the knowledge of relentless hustle, clever work, and unwavering staying power. Beyond his celebratory dance publish-score, Kelce’s dedication isn’t any giggling count number. He uplifts teammates and kids alike, showcasing that kindness holds its personal towards any landing catch. Whether you locate yourself because the underdog, Kelce’s mantra is obvious: “Make performs, child!” for greatness lies just around the nook.

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