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Luka Doncic: Wiki, Age, Stats, Height, Family, Wife, Awards & More

Luka Doncic, the amazing basketball player from Slovenia, was born on February 28, 1999, and is an impressive 6’7″ tall. Playing for the Dallas Mavericks, he’s known for his great defense, slick passes, and effortless shooting. Even though he’s young, Luka started winning big in Europe, grabbing the EuroLeague championship at just 19 years old.

He joined the NBA in 2018 as the third overall pick and surprised everyone by getting a triple-double in his second season, becoming the youngest player to do so. When he’s on the court, it’s amazing to watch him glide past defenders using his Eurostep move and make incredible three-point shots.

Luka Doncic is not just a player; he’s like an artist and a leader, making basketball history with every incredible play. Besides his stats, he brings the Mavericks’ spirit alive, making NBA games super exciting. Remember this name – Luka Doncic, a future legend in the making.

Luka Doncic’s personal details

Aspect Details
Full Name Luka Doncic
Birth Date February 28, 1998
Hometown Ljubljana, Slovenia
Age 25 years old (as of December 31, 2023)
Father Saša Dončić
Mother Mirjam Poterbin
Siblings 1 younger brother (Zoran)
Occupation Professional Basketball Player
Current Team Dallas Mavericks (National Basketball Association)
Position Point Guard
Wife/Partner Currently not married or known to have a partner
Children None
Wingspan 7 ft 0 in (2.13 m)

His height, weight & body stats

Measurement Value
Height 6 ft 7 in (201 cm)
Weight 230 lb (104 kg)
Chest 42 in (107 cm)
Biceps 16 in (41 cm)
Waist 34 in (86 cm)
Shoe size US 15

Early life & family

Luka Doncic bio

“Luka Doncic’s journey into the world of basketball began when he was a very young child in Slovenia. His mom, Mirjam, fondly remembers seeing him playing with a small ball at seven months old, already aiming for a little hoop. While most kids were watching cartoons, Luka was happily chasing basketballs.

With supportive parents, Mirjam and Saša, Luka’s love for basketball grew. Saša, who used to play and coach basketball, became Luka’s first teacher. Mirjam, who is good at business, made sure that Luka had everything he needed to play and practice. Together, they built the foundation for his passion.”

However, Luka really liked both basketball and soccer. When he was seven, he joined a school basketball team and played against older kids, getting better at thinking and reacting on the court.

When Luka was eight, his parents got divorced, which was tough. But he stayed with his mom, Mirjam, and they became even closer. Mirjam became Luka’s biggest supporter, always there for him no matter what.

These early experiences, with good and bad times, made Luka who he is. His family’s constant support was super important in his journey. Playing basketball, because he genuinely loved it, helped Luka become known worldwide as a basketball superstar.

Nowadays, as Luka Doncic plays on courts all over the world, he carries the love and lessons from his childhood in Slovenia. From those early days of playing around with the ball to becoming really famous, Luka stays true to the values he learned growing up.

Luka Doncic’s education & career journey

Luka Doncic’s basketball journey didn’t start the moment he was born, but it sure feels like it! It all began in Ljubljana, Slovenia, where his incredible skills with the ball caught everyone’s attention. At the young age of 12, he ventured to Real Madrid’s youth academy in Spain, crossing borders early on.

For Luka, school wasn’t just about textbooks and exams; it was about mastering the game, soaking in every move, pass, and trick. Training with professionals, he absorbed their knowledge like a sponge. This blend of learning and basketball laid the foundation for his future success.

At 16, Luka led Real Madrid to EuroLeague victory, becoming the youngest player to do so. His unique style and scoring abilities made waves globally. Then, in the 2018 NBA draft, the Dallas Mavericks selected him as the third overall pick.

Entering the NBA, where players are giants, might have intimidated others, but not Luka. He dazzled, nearly achieving a triple-double average in his first year. His incredible passes, stunning three-pointers, and exceptional game sense left fans in awe. Awards followed – Rookie of the Year, All-Star nods, and playoff spots – turning Luka into a household name.

Yet, Luka faced challenges on his journey. Injuries and doubters tested him, but he didn’t give up. Working hard, he recovered and improved his leadership skills. Taking on a pivotal role for the Mavericks, he guided them confidently despite his youth.

At only 23, Luka is an NBA sensation, a future champion, a leader, and an inspiration. His story is about perseverance and self-belief. It demonstrates that even a kid from Ljubljana can become a basketball legend on the grandest stage. And guess what? Luka’s story is far from over. The Point God, as they call him, is just at the beginning.

Luka Doncic’s top 10 game stats

Sl No.GameDateTeamOpponentPointsReboundsAssistsStealsBlocks
1Playoffs, Round 1, Game 7May 29, 2020Dallas MavericksLos Angeles Clippers43171362
2Regular SeasonFeb 25, 2022Dallas MavericksNew York Knicks41121451
3Regular SeasonMar 28, 2022Dallas MavericksLos Angeles Lakers30201043
4Playoffs, Round 1, Game 6May 16, 2023Dallas MavericksUtah Jazz30131042
5Regular SeasonJan 22, 2023Dallas MavericksPortland Trail Blazers44121521
6Regular SeasonMar 11, 2023Dallas MavericksHouston Rockets3092021
7Playoffs, Round 2, Game 3May 12, 2023Dallas MavericksPhoenix Suns269832
8Regular SeasonDec 4, 2020Dallas MavericksGolden State Warriors379921
9Regular SeasonMar 26, 2021Dallas MavericksCharlotte Hornets36111033
10Regular SeasonNov 25, 2021Dallas MavericksNew York Knicks36141422

His notable awards & achievements

NBA Achievements:

  • 4x NBA All-Star (2020-2023): Picked with the aid of enthusiasts and media to join the fine gamers in the league.
  • 4x All-NBA First Team (2020-2023): Considered one of the top five players inside the league for four years straight.
  • NBA Rookie of the Year (2019): Got this award for being awesome in his first season.
  • NBA All-Rookie First Team (2019): One of the pinnacle five newbies in the league.

International Success:

  • FIBA World Cup Top Scorer (2023): Scored the most in the complete match, displaying off his abilties globally.
  • All-FIBA World Cup Team (2023): Named some of the 12 high-quality gamers in the match.
  • Olympics All-Star Team (2020): One of the first-rate gamers inside the Olympics in Tokyo.
  • All-EuroBasket Team (2017): Among the top 12 gamers within the EuroBasket championship.

European Club Career (Real Madrid):

  • EuroLeague Champion (2018): Led Real Madrid to win the pinnacle European basketball opposition.
  • EuroLeague MVP (2018): Got provided because the maximum treasured participant within the EuroLeague.
  • EuroLeague Final Four MVP (2018): Considered the pleasant player within the EuroLeague championship finals.
  • All-EuroLeague First Team (2018): Named one of the pinnacle 5 gamers inside the EuroLeague.
  • 2x EuroLeague Rising Star (2017, 2018): Outstanding performance as a young participant.
  • EuroLeague 2010–20 All-Decade Team (2020): Among the exceptional gamers inside the EuroLeague during the 2010s.

Other Recognitions:

  • Euroscar Player of the Year (2019): Considered the high-quality young player in Europe through EuroLeague.
  • 3x Liga ACB Champion (2015, 2016, 2018): Won the Spanish League championship thrice with Real Madrid.
  • Liga ACB MVP (2018): Named the maximum precious player inside the Spanish League.
  • All-Liga ACB First Team (2018): Among the pinnacle five gamers within the Spanish League.
  • 2x ACB Best Young Player (2017, 2018): Outstanding performance as a young player inside the Spanish League.

Doncic’s relationships, partner, children & personal life

Luka Doncic, the basketball sensation rocking the NBA, is as tight-lipped about his personal life as he is about his jaw-dropping moves on the court. Rather than unraveling the mysteries of his private world, he focuses unwaveringly on basketball, leaving everyone curious about the missing pieces of his personal puzzle.

luka doncic family
luka doncic family | Image credit:

Recently he became father of a beautiful doughter whose pic he shared on his instagram page

One intriguing piece is his longtime girlfriend, Anamaria Goltes. Their bond, forged in Slovenia from a young age, reflects its strength. Anamaria, once a dancer, stands as Luka’s biggest supporter, a constant presence at his games. While they’re not overly flashy on social media, when they do share glimpses, it’s evident they are each other’s greatest cheerleaders.

Marriage and kids are not in Luka’s immediate plans at 23; basketball commands the spotlight. He is dead serious about improvement, dedicating countless hours to practice. However, family is not neglected. Luka maintains a close relationship with his parents, pivotal figures in his basketball journey. Regular visits and a genuine appreciation for their advice showcase the importance of family in his life.

Beyond family and his girlfriend, Luka surrounds himself with a small circle of friends. Slovenian pals, especially Zoran Dragic, play the role of his confidants. His camaraderie extends to Dallas Mavericks teammates, such as Dorian Finney-Smith and Maxi Kleber. These friendships serve as his refuge, a sanctuary away from the bustling basketball world.

Despite his on-court genius, Luka is just like everyone else off the court. Known for his down-to-earth and friendly demeanor with fans, he is also deeply committed to charitable endeavors in both Slovenia and Dallas. This authenticity endears him to fans not only as a basketball virtuoso but as an approachable and genuine guy.

Some interesting facts about Luka Doncic

  • Youngest player to score 20 points, rebound, and help in a EuroLeague game at 16.
  • Became EuroLeague champion at 19, the youngest to do so.
  • Ranked tenth for profession triple-doubles by means of age 24, setting NBA information before turning 21 and 22.
  • Holds the document for the youngest playoff recreation-winner with a buzzer-beater.
  • Second NBA season noticed averages of 28.8 points, 9.4 rebounds, and eight.Eight assists.
  • Holds Mavericks franchise records for fastest to five,000 factors and maximum 45-factor games.
  • Notable for scoring seven of the top 10 performances towards the Clippers, a key rival group.
  • Led Slovenia to a ancient Gold medal at EuroBasket 2023, showing incredible composure underneath pressure.
  • Fluent in Slovenian, Serbian, Spanish, and English.
  • Owns a shoe line with Nike and is a committed gamer, featured on the NBA 2K22 cowl.
  • Already diagnosed as a First-Team All-NBA choice, drawing comparisons to legends like Larry Bird and Magic Johnson.
  • At most effective 24, Luka Doncic is reshaping basketball history, showcasing monstrous ability that is aware of no bounds.


From a gifted youngster in Slovenia to an NBA star, he proves dreams have no bounds. What can we learn from Luka? Well, he tells us skill triumphs over size. His smooth moves on the court teach us that putting in effort is more crucial than how tall you are. That friendly grin of his? It’s not just about being charming; it’s a reminder to find happiness in what you love. Luka’s way of leading? It’s not about yelling; it’s about quietly guiding. He’s all about bringing teammates together, showing that true leaders inspire without being bossy. Luka’s journey encourages us to follow our dreams and spread positivity.

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