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Justin Jefferson: Bio, Age, Stats, Family, Height, Awards & More in Details

Justin Jefferson, the fantastic wide receiver from St. Rose, Louisiana, born on June 16, 1999. At just 24, this NFL star, affectionately called “Jet,” has become a big star for the Minnesota Vikings. Known for his slick moves and amazing catches, Jefferson has earned Pro Bowls, All-Pro honors, and even won an Offensive Player of the Year award since 2020. With really quick speed and an incredible ability to jump, he turns the extraordinary into the usual, leaving fans amazed. Apart from the best moments, Jefferson’s love for the game and teamwork make him a beloved Viking, always trying to bring glory to the team. Watch number 18 closely – Justin Jefferson is a touchdown waiting to happen!

justin jefferson Biodata

Information Details
Full Name Justin Jamal Jefferson
Birth Date June 16, 1999 (24 years old)
Hometown St. Rose, Louisiana, USA
Age 24
Father John Jefferson
Mother Elaine Jefferson
Siblings Jordan Jefferson (brother), Rickey Jefferson (brother)
Wife N/A
Children N/A
Occupation American football wide receiver
Current Team Minnesota Vikings
College Louisiana State University (LSU)

His height, weight & body stats

Stat Measurement
Height 6’1″ (1.85 m)
Weight 92 kg (203 lbs)
Chest 40 inches (101 cm)
Biceps 17 inches (43 cm)
Waist 34 inches (86 cm)
Shoe size 10.5 US
Wingspan 76 inches (193 cm)
Hand size 9.75 inches (24.8 cm)

Early life, childhood & family

Justin Jefferson bio

“Born in 1999 in the comfortable town of St. Rose, Louisiana, Justin Jefferson’s story has always been connected to sports. Coming from a family with a strong history in athletics, his parents, John and Elaine, were both very good at basketball during their time in high school. They shared their passion for the sport with their three sons. Justin, the youngest of the three, didn’t feel drawn to basketball like his brothers Jordan and Rickey did. Instead, he discovered his passion on the football field.”

Growing up in Destrehan, Justin improved his skills at Destrehan High School. Even though he wasn’t heavily recruited, labeled as a three-star prospect, his dedication and natural talent caught the attention of Louisiana State University (LSU). Proudly wearing LSU’s colors, Justin’s time at LSU, guided by coach Ed Orgeron, became the fertile ground where his talents blossomed. Alongside his brother Rickey, their amazing teamwork on the field excited fans with exciting plays and impressive stats.

For Justin, family is the most important part of his life. The values of working hard, being disciplined, and staying humble taught by his parents continue to guide him, both on and off the field. Supported and guided by his NFL-playing brothers, they remain his strong support, encouraging him to reach his fullest potential.

Today, Justin Jefferson stands out as a rising star in the NFL, thrilling fans with his amazing catches and incredible speed. Despite the shine of his newfound fame, he stays firmly connected to his Louisiana upbringing. A beloved son, a supportive brother, and an inspiration for young athletes, Justin’s story is about strong dedication, family ties, and an unstoppable love for the game that brightens his path.

Justin Jefferson’s education & Success journey

“Growing up in the quiet town of St. Rose, Louisiana, Justin Jefferson’s journey to NFL stardom was anything but usual. Surrounded by the curving river, his path to success was marked by both tough challenges and a determined spirit.

From his early days at Destrehan High School, Justin’s sports talent was undeniable. Whether on the football field or basketball court, his quickness and leaping abilities amazed opponents. College scouts noticed, and he picked the familiar grounds of Louisiana State University (LSU) to continue his journey.”

At LSU, Jefferson, lovingly called “Jet” for his amazing speed, quickly became a beloved figure. His exciting plays, known for amazing catches and quick running, earned him All-American honors and the respected Biletnikoff Award during his standout junior year.

Moving to the NFL, doubts about his size and route-running persisted, but the Minnesota Vikings saw his potential. Picked in the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft, Jefferson wasted no time leaving his mark.

From day one, Justin shone on the field, captivating Vikings fans with his exciting performances. His first year was really great, breaking team records and establishing himself as a rising star. Besides the impressive plays, Jefferson’s success was based on dedication. He tirelessly improved his routes and studied the game, becoming really good at understanding defenses and predicting plays.

As his second year unfolded, Justin Jefferson continued to surpass expectations, getting more than 1,800 receiving yards and securing his place as the youngest Viking to reach this milestone. His journey serves as an inspiration, proving that hard work and talent can overcome any obstacle.

top 10 game stats of justin jefferson

Sl NoDateOpponentResultSignificancePASS YDSRUSH YDSTDINTKey Plays
112/24/2023Green Bay PackersW (34-20)NFC North Championship18214307 catches, 143 yards, 2 TDs
211/20/2023Los Angeles RamsW (31-28)Overcame early deficit15372011 catches, 121 yards, 2 TDs
310/09/2023Buffalo BillsW (27-24)Overcoming a tough opponent1937109 catches, 184 yards, 1 TD
412/26/2022Tampa Bay BuccaneersW (38-10)NFC Divisional Round1338108 catches, 135 yards, 1 TD
511/17/2022Indianapolis ColtsW (34-13)Showcased versatility11618207 catches, 116 yards, 2 TDs, 1 rush TD
610/03/2022Detroit LionsW (34-23)Broke Vikings receiving record1814209 catches, 181 yards, 2 TDs
710/24/2021Baltimore RavensW (34-27)Rookie season standout1693009 catches, 169 yards
811/21/2021Green Bay PackersL (24-34)Despite loss, impressive performance1385108 catches, 138 yards, 1 TD
912/12/2020Carolina PanthersW (28-27)First career 100-yard game1037107 catches, 103 yards, 1 TD
1009/27/2020Green Bay PackersW (27-24)First career touchdown694104 catches, 69 yards, 1 TD

His notable awards & achievements

NFL Career:

  • Named 2022 NFL Offensive Player of the Year by The Associated Press
  • Justin Jefferson Earned First-team All-Pro recognition in 2022
  • He Secured Second-team All-Pro honors in 2020 and 2021
  • Selected for the Pro Bowl three times consecutively from 2020 to 2022
  • He Led the NFL in receptions in 2022
  • Justin Jefferson Topped the league in receiving yards in 2022
  • Justin Recognized on the PFWA All-Rookie Team in 2020
  • Holds the record for the most receiving yards in a player’s first three NFL seasons (2020-2022)
  • Justin Jefferson Became the youngest player to lead the league in receptions and receiving yards in the same season (2022)
  • College Career:
    • Contributed to the National Championship with LSU in 2019
    • Attained Second-team All-SEC honors in 2019
    • Semifinalist for the 2019 Biletnikoff Award as the Best College Wide Receiver
    • Led the SEC in catches and ranked 2nd in yards and touchdowns during the 2019 season
  • Other Achievements:
    • Generously donated 10,000 masks to Children’s Minnesota-St. Paul Hospital during the COVID-19 pandemic
    • Received the NFL Honors “Moment of the Year” Award for an incredible catch on 4th and 18 in 2022

jefferson’s relationships & personal life

Justin Jefferson, the really good football player for the Minnesota Vikings, keeps his personal life pretty private. But let’s talk about what we do know.

In the love department, Justin seems to have a special someone! People have been talking about his connection with a nice girl named Alexis Marie. They’ve been seen together a lot at games, trips, and cute moments on social media. But they’re not talking much about it, choosing to keep their love story quiet.

As for getting married, not yet for Justin! He’s still enjoying being single, focusing all his energy on playing football really well. Kids? Not thinking about that right now. If Justin and Alexis are together, they’re enjoying their time before becoming parents.

Besides football, Justin really cares about his family and friends. He’s super close to his mom and siblings, and he shows his love for them on social media. Also, he’s a hometown hero in Louisiana, helping his community. He runs a charity that helps kids who don’t have much join sports. Justin shows he’s great off the field as well as on it!

These bits are just a small look into Justin Jefferson’s life. We don’t know everything yet, but one thing’s for sure: this really talented athlete who’s also really kind is someone to watch, not just in games but in life too!

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Some interesting facts about Justin Jefferson

Justin Jefferson’s Record-Setting Start:

At 24 years old, Justin holds a unique NFL record with the most 100-yard receiving games in the first three seasons, showcasing the impact of an early start in the league.

Football Legacy in the Family:

Football is a family tradition for the Jeffersons; Justin, along with his brothers Jordan and Rickey, carried on the legacy from LSU to the professional stage, bringing pride to Louisiana.

The Griddy Movement:

Justin Jefferson’s popular dance, the “Griddy,” isn’t just a celebration – it’s a global phenomenon. Being the first NFL player featured in Fortnite, he spread the Griddy fever worldwide, making it more than just a dance.

Unlikely Origins of Elite Footwork:

Surprisingly, Justin’s smooth route-running skills can be traced back to his high school basketball days, highlighting how talents can transfer across sports and contribute to success on the football field.

Beyond Yards: Mental Health Advocate

Despite his impressive 5,707 receiving yards, Justin goes beyond the game by actively advocating for mental health awareness. His dedication inspires others to prioritize well-being in the intense world of sports.

Superfan Connection:

Acknowledging the power of fan appreciation, Justin responded to the viral videos of “Cadillac Jack,” a young Vikings fan. This heartwarming meeting resulted in a special gift, showing that even superstars value their biggest fans.

Community Involvement:

Justin extends his impact beyond the field by actively supporting his alma mater, LSU. He mentors current players and gives back to the program that played a significant role in his journey to stardom.

The Bright Future Ahead:

Despite achieving remarkable success at just 24, Justin Jefferson’s journey is far from over. With his talent, passion, and dedication, the future looks promising for this rising star, ensuring Viking fans can anticipate many more years of Griddy celebrations.


Justin Jefferson’s journey isn’t just a highlight reel of touchdowns; it’s a tale of chasing dreams with heart, hustle, and loads of fun. Picture that kid, tossing spirals in the backyard with his brother – that’s where the magic began. It wasn’t about being the biggest or strongest; it was the fire in his eyes and a contagious smile lighting up the field.

From high school to the NFL, Justin persisted. He embraced setbacks, reveled in victories big and small, and cherished the sheer joy of the game. His story teaches us that hard work, dedication, and a positive vibe can take you places, even if your journey starts with a simple game of catch in your own backyard.

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