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Justin Herbert Father, Mother, and His Two Brothers

Born on March 10, 1998, in Eugene, Oregon, Justin Herbert is an up-and-coming quarterback for the Los Angeles Chargers. His father, Rick Herbert, played professional baseball, while his mother, Holly, excelled in high school sports. Growing up, Justin showcased skill in various sports, but his true passion developed in football. Leading his high school team to a state championship, he later enrolled at the University of Oregon, where he set records and secured the 2019 Pac-12 Championship. The Chargers drafted him sixth overall in the 2020 NFL Draft, and he made a strong debut, earning Offensive Rookie of the Year. Supported by talent, dedication, and family backing, Justin Herbert anticipates a promising NFL career.

Justin Herbert’s Biodata

Full NameJustin Patrick Herbert
Birth DateMarch 10, 1998
HometownEugene, Oregon
Age25 years old (as of January 26, 2024)
FatherMark Herbert
MotherHolly Herbert
SiblingsMitchell Herbert (brother), Patrick Herbert (brother)
OccupationAmerican Football Quarterback for the Los Angeles Chargers (National Football League)

Who is Justin Herbert’s Father

Justin Herbert's Father Mark Herbert

Mark Herbert, a man known for his quiet strength and gentle guidance, played a crucial role in shaping Justin Herbert into the outstanding quarterback we see today. Although Mark’s time in college athletics at Montana was short, his dedication to sports and love for family instilled valuable lessons in his son’s character.

Growing up in the sports culture of Eugene, Oregon, Justin naturally found himself surrounded by athletic activities. Mark, without pushing, subtly nurtured Justin’s love for football. Their backyard games turned into small clinics, where Mark, with plenty of patience, refined throws and emphasized the importance of mastering the basics. Leading by example through coaching youth baseball or participating in marathons, Mark embodied the principles of hard work and discipline.

Mark’s teachings went beyond the technical aspects of the game. He highlighted humility, telling Justin that talent alone wasn’t enough. A strong supporter of a solid work ethic, Mark urged his son to consistently strive for improvement. Understanding the importance of education, he saw it as the foundation extending beyond the football field. Most importantly, he fostered an unwavering belief in Justin, a strong confidence that persisted even when doubts arose.

This unwavering support proved invaluable during Justin’s high school journey, where he faced the pressures of recruitment while managing the demands of academics and athletics. Mark, a calming presence, served as a sounding board for anxieties and frustrations. He celebrated victories but also provided a supportive shoulder after defeats, instilling resilience and the ability to gain wisdom from setbacks.

Mark’s influence continues to be felt today. Justin attributes his grounded character, unwavering work ethic, and self-assured belief to his father. Despite Mark’s preference for staying out of the spotlight, his impact on Justin Herbert is undeniable. He remains the quiet force propelling the emerging star forward—a living testament to the profound influence of a father’s love and guidance.

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Who is Justin Herbert’s Mother

In the big playbook of Justin Herbert’s life, a key player takes center stage – none other than his mom, Holly Herbert. An experienced teacher, Holly didn’t just share knowledge; she crafted a story of resilience, hard work, and determination that shaped Justin into the outstanding athlete he is today. This wasn’t your typical parenting; it was a full-on display of love, discipline, and unwavering support, with Holly as the MVP.

Justin Herbert dad, mom and brothers
Justin Herbert dad, mom and brothers

Wearing her own college basketball stripes from the University of Oregon, Holly infused the love of the game into Justin’s veins. Yet, she didn’t stop at rebounds and layups; academics, she declared, were non-negotiable. With a coach’s precision, she guided Justin to excel in his studies, instilling in him a strong work ethic that seamlessly transitioned from the classroom to the football field.

Holly, though, wasn’t simply the designer of an academic and athletic powerhouse. In the respected halls of the Herbert household, she wove a tapestry of community values. Beyond the grind of school and sports, Holly unfolded the importance of giving back. A volunteer extraordinaire, she invested hours for various causes, setting the stage for Justin to follow suit. Charity work became a thread in the Herbert legacy, thanks to Holly’s playbook.

In the realm of personal stories, the Herberts maintain a veil of discretion. Yet, it’s clear – Holly Herbert’s influence on Justin goes beyond the ordinary. Her support isn’t just cheers from the sidelines; it’s the fuel in Justin’s touchdown runs. Her dedication isn’t a distant sound; it resonates in every accolade he collects. The values she inscribed into his character aren’t mere side notes; they’re the undercurrents propelling him to success, both under stadium lights and in the broader arena of life.

His Siblings

Justin Herbert has not one, but two brothers in the mix! First up, meet Mitchell, the older sibling who played as a wide receiver for the Montana Grizzlies back in his college days. NFL stardom may not have come his way, but make no mistake, he carved out his own path, earning honors during his high school days.

Now, let’s talk about the younger brother, Patrick. Following in big brother Justin’s footsteps, Patrick played as a tight end for the Oregon Ducks. Injuries threw a curveball his way, but the kid’s got potential written all over him, sealing the deal with his first touchdown in 2022.

Growing up, these three shared a love for football, and Mitchell and Patrick? They weren’t just watching from the sidelines. Oh no, they were right there in the action, running routes and catching passes from none other than Justin himself. Whether it’s the cheers from the crowd or the challenges off the field, this trio’s got each other’s back. Sure, Justin may shine in the NFL, but behind him, there’s a strong family bond that’s unwavering and solid as a rock.

Childhood with His Lovely Family

Justin Herbert’s early years in California were filled with various sports activities. Coming from Eugene, Oregon, and moving to Medford at a young age, his family’s sports background, led by his father Mark, a former college football player, set the stage. Although skilled in baseball, basketball, and soccer, football quickly became his true passion.

From the time he started walking, Herbert was already throwing footballs in imitation of his dad, a scene that regularly occurred in their backyard. As he progressed through middle school, his talent became hard to ignore. Leading his youth teams to victory, his strong throwing arm made a lasting impression on everyone who saw him play. High school brought even greater successes, with Herbert becoming a star quarterback at Sheldon High, setting state records in passing yards and touchdowns.

However, life’s story wasn’t just about touchdowns and awards. The Herberts were not wealthy, teaching Justin the values of hard work and dedication. Juggling schoolwork with sports, he maintained a good GPA while leaving a lasting impact on the football field. His family’s support, especially from his mom, Holly, remained constant throughout the ups and downs of his journey.

His college journey unfolded naturally, with the University of Oregon being an obvious choice, following in his father’s footsteps. His first year was spent learning from experienced quarterback Marcus Mariota. The sophomore year marked his rise to the starting position, leading the Ducks to a successful Rose Bowl and gaining national acclaim. The junior year further solidified his status as a sought-after NFL prospect, displaying precision, athleticism, and leadership.

In the crucial year of 2020, the Los Angeles Chargers drafted Herbert as the sixth overall pick. Stepping onto the big stage, he was ready to make his mark. His journey from small-town Oregon to the NFL was driven not only by talent but also by a strong work ethic and unwavering support from his family. The young quarterback was ready to reach new heights.


Justin Herbert’s sports achievements showcase the strong backing of his parents, Mark and Holly Herbert. Their consistent encouragement and commitment molded his beliefs of persistence, toughness, and diligence. Mark, a past college football player, guided Justin in the basics, stressing the importance of order and readiness. Holly offered emotional backing, ensuring a harmony between sports and studies. This parental duo established a caring atmosphere, allowing Justin to recognize his complete capabilities. Their unwavering backing and instilled beliefs have been crucial in his path to becoming a thriving NFL quarterback.

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