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Josh Allen, whose full name is Joshua Patrick Allen, was born on May 21, 1996, in Firebaugh, California. Right now, he plays as a quarterback for the Buffalo Bills in the National Football League (NFL). Known for his athleticism and powerful arm, Allen was the 7th overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft. Over the past four seasons, he has consistently guided the Bills to the playoffs. Recognized as a dual-threat quarterback excelling in both passing and rushing touchdowns, Allen is admired for his leadership and strong work ethic.

His notable achievements include NFL Pro Bowl selections in 2020 and 2022, as well as winning the NFL Comeback Player of the Year in 2020. Moreover, he led the Bills to their first AFC East title in 25 years in 2020.

Josh Allen Personal Details

Full NameJoshua Patrick Allen
Birth DateMay 21, 1996
HometownFirebaugh, California
Age27 (as of January 9, 2024)
FatherJoel Allen
MotherLavonne Allen
SiblingsBrother, Isaiah Allen
WifeBrittany Williams (not publicly confirmed)
ChildrenNone (publicly known)
OccupationAmerican Football Quarterback (NFL)
Current TeamBuffalo Bills
CollegeUniversity of Wyoming
Draft7th overall by the Buffalo Bills in 2018
Positions PlayedQuarterback
Height6 ft 5 in (1.96 m)
Weight237 lbs (108 kg)

Josh Allen Height & weight

Height6’5″ (196 cm)
Weight242 lbs (109 kg)
Chest46 inches (117 cm)
Biceps18 inches (46 cm)
Waist34 inches (86 cm)
Hips40 inches (101 cm)
Shoe Size14 US

Early Life and Childhood

Josh Allen

Josh Allen’s journey begins on a vast 3,000-acre cotton farm nestled near Firebaugh, California—a small town in the Central Valley. Born in ’96, he’s the youngest of the trio raised by Joel and Lavonne Allen. Days on the farm extend from sunrise to sunset, hands always having calluses, muscles constantly aching. Amidst this hard work, sports emerge as a liberating force. Baseball, basketball—anything with a ball, Josh excels, driven by boundless energy and a competitive streak passed down by his father.

However, it’s football that captured his heart. Even in middle school, towering over peers, his raw athleticism was clear. But precision in throws and grace in footwork were lacking—whispers circulated, labeling him “too raw,” simply a “farm boy.” Unfazed, Josh persisted, refining his skills on makeshift fields carved from cotton domains. His family, his foundation, supported him, their unwavering belief lighting his path.

High school brought modest achievements, yet accuracy concerns persisted. A junior college offered a fresh start. Reedley College, a humble outpost in California, became the testing ground. Under Coach Jimmy Morseman’s guidance, Josh’s arm gained strength, and his throws became precise. Victories accumulated, silencing skeptics, and finally, the recognition he desired arrived.

The University of Wyoming offered a scholarship, inviting Josh to the big leagues. Among the majestic Rockies, he excelled running with the grace of a gazelle, throwing spirals that delicately touched fingertips. His raw talent became a formidable weapon. Skepticism turned into admiration, and the label “farm boy” transformed into the title of “phenom.”

In 2018, the NFL draft came calling. The Buffalo Bills, hungry for success, saw in Josh the missing piece. With the seventh pick, they took a chance on his potential, thrusting him into the dazzling spotlight of professional football. The rest, as the saying goes, is etched in the history books. The farm boy, fueled by family, determination, and unwavering belief, rose to shine as one of the NFL’s brightest stars—a testament that, sometimes, the most extraordinary tales are woven in the most unexpected places.

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Josh Allen Education & Career

Hailing from the sunny town of Firebaugh, California, Josh Allen’s trajectory to NFL stardom took an unconventional route. Redshirting at Reedley College marked the beginning of his journey, and then he burst onto the scene at the University of Wyoming. With raw athleticism and a cannon arm that turned heads, his early years were marred by inconsistencies. Despite leading the Cowboys to a Mountain West Championship, NFL scouts raised eyebrows about his accuracy and refinement.

Undeterred by the skeptics, Allen embraced the challenge, refining his skills and putting on display his electrifying dual-threat talent. Fast forward to 2018, and the Buffalo Bills, a team famished for success, rolled the dice on him as the seventh overall pick. The pressure was on, but Allen thrived, learning the ropes under veteran quarterback Nathan Peterman and absorbing the intricacies of the NFL game.

His rookie season provided a tantalizing glimpse of his potential. Allen’s cannon arm and Houdini-like escapes ignited the Bills Mafia. Rushing for over 600 yards and six touchdowns, he showcased a unique blend of power and agility. Yet, turnovers and uneven play masked his true prowess.

The turning point arrived in 2020. Guided by new head coach Sean McDermott, Allen embraced a cerebral approach. His accuracy improved, transforming him into a bona fide dual-threat weapon. Leading the Bills to their first playoff appearance in 23 years, he dismantled the New England Patriots along the way.

Since then, Allen has soared to the upper echelon of NFL quarterbacks, rewriting the Bills’ record books. Pro Bowl honors and the coveted MVP title in 2023 attest to his remarkable journey. His leadership and infectious enthusiasm breathed new life into the Buffalo faithful, turning them into one of the league’s most passionate fanbases.

Allen’s Notable Awards

Team Triumph:

  • Lifting the AFC East Division Crown four times in a row from 2020 to 2023, our quarterback led the Buffalo Bills’ dominance, showing strong leadership and undeniable impact. This impressive feat highlights his ability to guide the team to consistent success.
  • Guiding the Bills into the postseason spotlight five times out of his six seasons (2019-2023), our quarterback’s skills boosted the team’s chances, turning regular seasons into opportunities for glory. In 2020, he led the Bills to the AFC Championship Game, marking their return to the big stage after nearly three decades—a true testament to his potential to lead them to the peak of success.

Individual Accolades:

  • In 2020, he earned his first Pro Bowl selection, recognition for his outstanding performance as one of the league’s top quarterbacks. His Second-team All-Pro acknowledgment further solidified his status among the NFL’s best, illustrating his exceptional skills on the field.
  • Receiving the prestigious AFC Offensive Player of the Week award four times in 2020, he showed dominance during crucial stretches of the season. Although narrowly missing out on the MVP crown, finishing second in the 2020 MVP voting with four votes, our quarterback’s impact resonated throughout the league.

Franchise Milestones:

  • Changing the Buffalo Bills’ history books, he surpassed Jim Kelly’s single-season passing yard record in 2020, totaling an impressive 4,544 yards. Additionally, he broke another Kelly record by throwing 37 passing touchdowns in the same season, solidifying his reputation as an offensive force.
  • Notably, in Week 14 of the 2020 season, he etched his name in the franchise records by scoring an outstanding six touchdowns, showing not only his versatility but also his ability to find the end zone from any corner of the field.

Beyond the Numbers:

  • Long before the NFL spotlight, our quarterback earned the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl MVP title in 2017 during his college days at Wyoming, offering a glimpse into the future success and leadership qualities that would define his professional career.
  • Off the field, his commitment to making a positive impact extends to the Josh Allen Foundation, a testament to his dedication to empowering underserved youth through various programs and initiatives. Clearly, he’s not just a quarterback but a community leader dedicated to giving back.
  • In the grand tapestry of achievements and contributions, our quarterback stands as a beacon of triumph and philanthropy, shaping both the game and the community for the better.

Josh Allen Personal Life

Josh Allen is currently not in a relationship. He proudly states that he is single. His romantic history includes a long chapter with Brittany Williams, which officially ended in April 2023. Their love story goes back to 2017, but it did not result in any children.

Since ending that chapter, there have been rumors about Allen’s potential connection with the talented actress Hailee Steinfeld. The rumor mill started when they were first seen together in the busy streets of New York City in May 2023. Throughout the year, people have spotted them enjoying various activities – from relaxed vacations to cheering for their favorite teams at sporting events. Despite the attention from the media and the public’s curiosity, neither Allen nor Steinfeld has shared details about their relationship.


In the big story of victories, think about the amazing journey of Josh Allen, once a underrated high school prospect now competing for the NFL’s MVP title. His rise is a picture of persistence, a sign of overcoming doubt with strong determination and grit. Faced with doubt about his accuracy and athleticism, Allen turned skeptics into quiet observers through a persistent commitment to improvement and unwavering self-confidence. His story echoes as a guiding light, calling on athletes and dreamers to face challenges, improve their skills, and chase their dreams with an unbeatable spirit.

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