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Jordan Poole Bio, Age, Stats, Girlfriend, Height, Family, Awards & More

Jordan Poole, an impressive player making waves in the NBA. Hailing from Milwaukee and born on June 19, 1999, he started his basketball journey early, winning titles in high school and excelling at the University of Michigan. Selected by the Golden State Warriors in 2019, Poole learned the game before making a significant entrance in 2021.

Known as the “Poole Party” for his flashy moves, Jordan is a smooth shooter and effortlessly maneuvers past defenders. He scores three-pointers from long distances and quickly moves to the hoop, creating opportunities for his teammates. In 2022, he played a crucial role in the Warriors’ championship win, leading the league in successful free throws!

Jordan Poole’s Personal Details

Full NameJordan Anthony Poole
Birth DateJune 19, 1999
HometownMilwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Age24 (as of February 3, 2024)
FatherAnthony Poole
MotherMonet Poole
Other Family DetailsNone publicly available
OccupationProfessional Basketball Player
Current TeamWashington Wizards
PositionShooting Guard, Point Guard

His Height, Weight & Body Stats

Body StatMeasurement
Height6 ft 4 in (1.93 m)
Weight187 lb (85 kg)
Chest42 in (107 cm)
Biceps15 in (38 cm)
Wingspan6 ft 7 in (2.01 m)
Hand size9.25 in (23.5 cm)
Body fat percentageAround 6-8% (estimated)

Early Life & Family

Jordan Poolе

Jordan Poole’s story is about a child from Milwaukee whose love for basketball ignited in the heart of Wisconsin. Born in 1999 to Monet and Anthony, he didn’t receive a ball at birth, but he discovered the game’s magic early on. Amidst siblings, he experienced joy, laughter, and a deep passion for hoops that went beyond just a sport.

His playtime transformed into dedicated court sessions, where his quick feet and clever moves attracted attention. Rufus King High School served as his starting point for basketball recognition, where he managed books alongside basketball, supported by his biggest fans: his parents. They imparted more than just basketball skills – values like hard work, manners, and family held the utmost importance.

High school wasn’t all simple scores. Jordan’s shooting abilities made legends embarrassed, landing him in the Sweet Sixteen with a buzzer-beater that echoed Milwaukee’s streets. But fame didn’t cloud his vision; he held tight to his roots and the lessons learned in life’s early game.

The major leagues beckoned. In 2017, he joined the University of Michigan, where coaches nurtured his talent. By ’19, dreams soared as he stepped onto the NBA stage, a testament not just to his abilities but to the power of family and determination. Jordan Poole’s journey? It’s more than hoops – it’s a slam dunk of dreams backed by love, hard work, and never forgetting where you came from.

Jordan Poole’s Education & Career Journey

School wasn’t just a place for Jordan Poole to pass time. He rocked it at Rufus King High School, doing well in studies while still acing the basketball game. He was so good that he got picked for the big deal, the McDonald’s All-American team, a group for the country’s top high school players.

Then came college. Jordan picked the University of Michigan and the Big Ten. He made waves with his smooth shots and quick moves. Even when things got tough, he didn’t give up. Coach John Beilein helped him grow, and by senior year, he was a big deal in the NCAA Tournament, catching the eye of the NBA.

The Golden State Warriors noticed something special in Jordan. They selected him in 2019, and even though his first year was a learning experience, he remained confident. Being around pros like Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson helped him improve his game.

The 2022-23 season was significant for Jordan. With key players injured, he stepped up. People went crazy for his impressive shots and smooth moves, calling him “Splash Nephew” as he seamlessly fit into the Warriors’ game. They ended up winning their fourth NBA championship in eight years, proving the doubters wrong and showing he’s a star on the rise.

But Jordan’s story isn’t finished. He’s young, still learning, and he has his best games yet to play. But one thing’s for sure: that kid from Milwaukee has come a long way. Hard work, focus, and believing in himself got him here. With talent and some guidance from the Splash Brothers, Jordan Poole is all set to make his mark in NBA history.

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Jordan Poole’s Top 10 Game Stats

Sl No.GameDateTeamOpponentPointsReboundsAssistsStealsBlocks
12023 NBA Playoffs – Western Conference Finals, Game 5May 29, 2023Golden State WarriorsDallas Mavericks473831
2NBA Regular SeasonFebruary 12, 2023Golden State WarriorsOklahoma City Thunder388941
3NBA Regular SeasonMarch 25, 2023Golden State WarriorsLos Angeles Clippers364730
4NBA Summer LeagueAugust 10, 2021Golden State WarriorsSacramento Kings345332
5NBA Playoffs – Western Conference Semifinals, Game 4May 13, 2023Golden State WarriorsMemphis Grizzlies307320
6NBA Regular SeasonJanuary 22, 2023Golden State WarriorsSacramento Kings274441
7NBA Regular SeasonNovember 5, 2022Golden State WarriorsUtah Jazz264521
8NBA Regular SeasonNovember 10, 2022Golden State WarriorsHouston Rockets253730
9NBA Regular SeasonDecember 17, 2022Golden State WarriorsMinnesota Timberwolves245440
10NBA Regular SeasonDecember 29, 2022Golden State WarriorsPortland Trail Blazers243621

His Notable Awards & Achievements

  • 2022 NBA Champion: Jordan Poole won his first NBA championship with the Golden State Warriors in his third season.
  • NBA G League Third Team Nomination (2021): When he played in the G League, Poole’s excellent performance got him nominated for the Third Team.
  • NCAA Tournament Most Outstanding Player (2018): At the University of Michigan, Jordan Poole’s amazing play during the March Madness tournament got him named the Most Outstanding Player.
  • First-team All-Big Ten (2018): His outstanding season in the Big Ten conference earned Poole a spot on the first team.
  • McDonald’s All-American (2017): Poole made it to the prestigious McDonald’s All-American game during his senior year in high school, showing off his skills among the nation’s top prospects.
  • Wisconsin Mr. Basketball (2017): Recognized as the best high school basketball player in Wisconsin, highlighting his talent in the state.
jordan poole award | Image credit:

Additional achievеments:

  • Averaged 18.5 points per game and shot 44.5% from three-point range in the 2022 NBA Playoffs, showing his knack for scoring in critical moments.
  • Steadily improved his scoring and playmaking abilities in the NBA, becoming a vital offensive weapon for the Warriors.
  • Praised for his confidence and hard work, demonstrating his commitment to getting better every day.

Poole’s Relationships, Partner, Children & Personal Life

Jordan Poole is a bit of a mystery when it comes to his personal life. While we’d love to give all the information about his romantic adventures and family life, he’s skilled at keeping things under wraps. However, here’s what we’ve managed to uncover:

Rumors have been buzzing around Jordan and Kim Cruz, an artist and influencer from the Philippines. They’ve been seen together at games, Kim’s even worn his gear, and the online gossip has been buzzing. But neither of them has revealed the details, choosing to keep whatever’s happening between them away from the public eye.

Jordan Poole’s heart belongs to his family. He’s super close to his parents, who’ve been his cheerleaders since day one. He often gives credit to his mom for teaching him the value of hard work and to his dad for passing on his basketball wisdom. And there’s his younger brother, Adrian, who’s following in his big bro’s footsteps, tearing it up on the college court.

Being young and successful has its perks, and Jordan’s enjoying them. He’s relishing the single life, traveling to different places, hanging out with friends, and diving deep into hobbies like golf and gaming. Plus, he’s even part-owner of a local basketball team back in his hometown, Milwaukee!

Right now, Jordan’s eyes are set on his career goal. He’s eager to prove himself as a standout player in Washington, aiming to carve his name beyond his Golden State roots. Winning games, improving his skills, and becoming a leader on the court rank high on his to-do list.

Will Jordan reveal the details about Kim? Might he settle down and start a family one day? Well, only time holds that secret. But one thing’s clear: Jordan Poole is all about living his top-notch life, whether he’s shooting hoops or relaxing off-court. And we’re all in for the ride, waiting to see the next exciting chapters unfold in his story.

Some Interesting Facts About Jordan Poole

  • March Madness Maestro: Jordan Poole made a memorable buzzer-beater in the 2018 NCAA Tournament, sending Michigan to the Sweet Sixteen and earning the nickname “Poole Party.”
  • G-League Graduate: Despite being drafted late in the first round, Poole refined his skills in the G-League, averaging over 24 points per game and becoming a success story before returning to the Warriors.
  • Free Throw Phenom: Poole topped the NBA in free throw percentage during the 2021-22 season, proving his cool under pressure alongside his three-point shooting ability.
  • Cat Whisperer (Maybe): There’s talk that Poole trained pet cats like dogs, teaching them tricks and commands, showcasing his playful and unique personality.
  • Wisconsin Roots: Playing alongside fellow Wisconsinite Kevon Looney, Jordan Poole proudly represents his home state, even sporting custom “Brew City” shoes before games.
  • From Splash Son to Splash Brother?: With Klay Thompson’s return, Poole’s role might change, but his scoring abilities and growing confidence hint at him sharing the “Splash Brother” title with Steph.
  • Fashion Forward: Poole’s off-court style matches his on-court prowess. He rocks bold suits and vintage finds, gaining attention as a fashion icon in the Bay Area.
  • Community Champion: Beyond basketball, Poole gives back. He established the “Poole Party Playas Foundation” to support youth sports and education in his hometown.
  • Championship Pedigree: Winning an NBA title as a rookie in 2022 fueled Poole’s hunger. He aims for more championships and wants to prove he’s a crucial part of the Warriors’ dynasty.
  • Poole Party 2.0?: Keep an eye out for what’s next. With his confidence soaring and skills improving, his upcoming breakout performance might just be his next big moment on the grand stage.


Jordan Poole’s journey to success wasn’t easy. He didn’t get picked right after college and faced a lot of doubts. But he didn’t stop. He got a chance with the Warriors and worked super hard. He learned a lot from Steph Curry and grabbed every chance he got. Now, he’s a big part of the team, scoring a lot and making everyone around him feel excited.

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