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Joe Burrow Bioghraphy, Age, Height, Stats, Family, Girlfriend, Awards & More

Born in Ames, Iowa, in 1996, Joe Burrow, the 6’4″ quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals, is a football sensation. He became famous by leading LSU to a national championship in 2020 and winning the Heisman Trophy. Chosen first by the Bengals, Burrow’s calm leadership and accurate throws make him a rising star. Despite getting injured in 2023, his talent and infectious spirit keep fans excited for his return. Whether throwing passes or showing his cool attitude, Burrow’s confidence and precision define him. Bengals fans are eagerly waiting for his successful comeback to the football field, where he’ll show his exciting plays once again.

Joe Burrow’s personal details

Category Information
Full Name Joseph Lee Burrow
Birth Date December 10, 1996 (27 years old)
Hometown Ames, Iowa, United States
Occupation American Football Quarterback (Cincinnati Bengals)
Father Jimmy Burrow (Former football player and coach)
Mother Robin Burrow (Teacher)
Siblings Jamie Burrow (Older brother), Dan Burrow (Younger brother)
Wife Olivia Holzweiler (Married 2023)
Children None (As of December 31, 2023)

His height, weight & body stats

Measurement Value
Height 6 ft 4 in (193 cm)
Weight 221 lbs (100 kg)
Chest 41 in (104 cm)
Bicep 15 in (38 cm)
Waist 32 in (81 cm)
Hips 37 in (94 cm)
Shoe Size US 11

Early life & family

Joe Burrow bio

Born on a chilly day in 1996 in Ames, Iowa, Joe Burrow emerged into a world steeped in football history. His dad, Jim, left an indelible mark as both player and coach, creating a family legacy deeply rooted in athletics. This sportsmanship flowed through Joe’s veins, with his grandma holding a basketball scoring record in Mississippi, and his grandpa shining on the court for Mississippi State.

Growing up as a coach’s son made Joe’s early years a journey marked by constant change. From Iowa to Ohio, and later to North Dakota, he followed his father’s coaching adventures. Amidst the shifting places, sports provided a stable anchor. Despite his family’s defensive skill, Joe found himself drawn to the quarterback position during his youth league days, a choice born out of necessity rather than plan.

Joe wasn’t only focused on football; basketball held its own attraction. Blessed with a natural talent for shooting, he inherited this skill from his family. There was even a belief that Joe could have pursued a career in the NBA, following the legacy set by his grandmother. However, the attraction of the football proved too strong, and by high school, he was leading the Athens Bulldogs to triumph, etching his name in Ohio’s football records.

Yet, Joe Burrow’s journey wasn’t a smooth touchdown run. Setbacks, including a move and an injury, threatened to stop his dreams. However, the same determination that defined his family’s athletic legacy burned brightly within him. Rising from tough times, he refined his skills and leadership, eventually finding his rhythm at LSU, where his talent truly blossomed.

Joe’s story goes beyond athletic skill; it’s a tale of a supportive family nurturing his passion, teaching values of toughness and sportsmanship. Through successes and challenges, they stood by him. Today, as the quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals, Joe Burrow shows that the best journeys create the best quarterbacks, proving that greatness often comes from unexpected paths.

Joe Burrow’s education & career journey

From the small town of Athens, Ohio, to the bright lights of the NFL, Joe Burrow’s football journey is nothing short of a captivating tale. Back in high school, he wasn’t just good; he was Mr. Football good, guiding his team to victories that paved the way for a spot at Ohio State University. However, the fit wasn’t quite right in Columbus, and craving more playing time, Burrow took a bold step and transferred to Louisiana State University (LSU).

Under the wings of Coach Orgeron, Burrow found his groove. With a high-powered offense, he became the quarterback maestro, throwing precise passes and leading the Tigers to a historic season. The awards piled up, including the prestigious Heisman Trophy, Walter Camp Award, and Manning Award. His calm demeanor, spot-on throws, and infectious confidence won hearts not just in Baton Rouge but across the entire nation.

The 2020 NFL Draft marked Burrow’s ascent to the big league, becoming the top pick for the Cincinnati Bengals. The pressure was palpable, but Burrow, unfazed, embraced the challenge. His rookie season was a rollercoaster of injuries and doubts, but true to his character, he never lost confidence, guiding the Bengals to unexpected victories.

Now in his sophomore season, Burrow is thriving. Healthy and hungry, he’s leading the Bengals on an unexpected playoff journey. With precision passes and highlight-reel throws, he’s proving that his LSU magic was no fluke.

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Joe Burrow top 10 game stats

Sl No.DateOpponentResult (W/L)SignificancePASS YDSRUSH YDSTDINTKey Plays
101/13/2020LSU vs. ClemsonW (25-14)2020 College Football National Championship Win26846205 TD passes, game-winning drive in 4th quarter
211/22/2019LSU vs. AlabamaW (46-41)Upset SEC rival, propelled LSU to No. 1 ranking393144170-yard TD pass to Ja’Marr Chase, overtime winner
312/28/2021Cincinnati Bengals vs. Baltimore RavensW (27-16)Clinched Bengals’ first playoff berth in 6 years44628402 TD passes, 165-yard catch by Tee Higgins
401/23/2022Cincinnati Bengals vs. Tennessee TitansW (20-16)AFC Divisional Round win, first Bengals playoff win since 199128637204th-down conversion to Ja’Marr Chase in OT, game-winning field goal
509/29/2023Cincinnati Bengals vs. Los Angeles RamsW (34-24)First win over reigning Super Bowl champs317353075-yard TD pass to Tyler Boyd, 2-point conversion to seal win
610/20/2022Cincinnati Bengals vs. Cleveland BrownsW (30-23)Comeback win against divisional rival322202175-yard TD pass to Joe Mixon, fourth-down completion for first down
711/27/2021Cincinnati Bengals vs. Pittsburgh SteelersW (27-17)First win in Pittsburgh since 1991400143214-yard TD pass to Tyler Boyd, 2-point conversion
812/12/2020Cincinnati Bengals vs. New York GiantsW (27-10)First career NFL win269131087-yard TD pass to Tee Higgins, defensive stand in 4th quarter
901/08/2023Cincinnati Bengals vs. Kansas City ChiefsL (24-34)AFC Championship Game, despite loss showed Bengals could compete with elite teams283102281-yard TD pass to Tee Higgins, clutch 4th-down conversion
1010/02/2022Cincinnati Bengals vs. Tampa Bay BuccaneersW (27-24)Upset defending Super Bowl champs, established Bengals as contenders25219114th-down TD pass to Tyler Boyd, late-game defensive stop

His notable awards & achievements

College Career Achievements of Joe Burrow:

  • 2019 Heisman Trophy Winner: Voted the best player in college football by journalists, broadcasters, and former winners.
  • 2019 National Champion: Led LSU to victory in the College Football Playoff National Championship.
  • 2019 CFP National Championship Offensive MVP: Recognized for outstanding performance in the championship game.
  • 2019 Unanimous All-American: Selected to the First-Team All-American by all five major selectors.
  • 2019 SEC Offensive Player of the Year: Awarded for dominance in the Southeastern Conference.
  • 2019 Maxwell Award & Walter Camp Award: Nationally recognized as the outstanding college football player.
  • 2019 Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award: Received as the top collegiate quarterback.
  • 2019 Davey O’Brien Award & Manning Award: Honored as the nation’s best quarterback.
  • 2019 Lombardi Award: Recognized for courage, leadership, and the pursuit of excellence.
  • 2019 AP College Football Player of the Year & Sporting News College Football Player of the Year: Additional accolades for an exceptional season.
  • 2019 SEC Championship Game MVP & 2019 Peach Bowl & Fiesta Bowl Offensive MVPs: Awards for leadership and performances in key postseason games.

Professional Career Highlights:

  • 2020 NFL Draft: 1st overall selection by the Cincinnati Bengals, the highest honor for a draft prospect.
  • 2022 Pro Bowl Selection: Acknowledged as one of the top players in his position in the NFL.
  • 2022 Comeback Player of the Year (finalist): Nominated for outstanding return from a season-ending injury in 2021.

Additional Achievements:

  • LSU Single-Season Records: Set records for passing touchdowns (60), total yards of offense (6,039), touchdowns responsible for (65), and points responsible for (392).
  • Held the 2019 NCAA Single-Season Record for Touchdown Passes: A record later broken by Bryce Young in 2021.
  • 2014 Mr. Football Award & Gatorade Player of the Year (Ohio): High school accolades recognizing excellence as a senior.

Burrow’s relationships, partner, children & personal life

joe burrow girlfriend

Joe Burrow stands out not just for his prowess on the field but also for the quiet charm of his love story. Joe’s leading lady is Olivia Holzmacher, his college sweetheart from Ohio State University. Their story began in 2017, amidst the bustling college life, where Joe, smitten by Olivia’s bubbly cheerleading persona, found a connection that went beyond the football field.

In contrast to flashy stories about some NFL stars, Joe and Olivia’s journey is about simple and real love. It’s a story made of everyday things – walking their dog Beau, cozy nights at home, and supporting each other. Olivia, with her constant support, has been Joe’s biggest supporter not only when he won the Heisman Trophy but also during the tough times in his NFL career.

Their love isn’t about cameras or fancy events; instead, it grows in the normal stuff, based on respecting each other and enjoying adventures together. Sometimes people talk quietly about them getting married, but Joe and Olivia like to keep their plans private, enjoying the present and being happy together.

As for having kids, the couple hasn’t said anything specific yet. Right now, they spend their days playing with Beau, who gives them sloppy kisses and lots of happiness. Even though they might become parents in the future, for now, Joe and Olivia are happy being pet parents.

Outside of the excitement and glamour of the NFL, Joe Burrow finds happiness in life’s simple things. His love story with Olivia isn’t about big shows but about being there for each other, being loyal, and finding happiness in everyday life. In a world where people often focus on touchdowns in games, Joe’s most special touchdown is the love he shares with Olivia – a love that grows in simple moments every day.

Some interesting facts about Joe Burrow

  • Joe Burrow Started as a third-stringer at Ohio State before transferring to LSU.
  • Joe Drafted first overall in 2020, he initially wasn’t a star player.
  • He Went from backup to legend with a standout 2019 season at LSU.

Achievements on the Field:

  • Led LSU to a dominant 2019 season, securing the Heisman Trophy and National Championship.
  • Overcame a devastating knee injury in his rookie year with the Bengals.
  • Bounced back in 2021, leading the Bengals to their first playoff win in decades and earning a Pro Bowl nod.

Impact on the Bengals:

  • Infused the team with franchise-altering swagger through his infectious confidence.
  • Revitalized the Bengals, becoming a fan favorite and the face of the team’s resurgence.
  • Known for more than just his arm talent, displaying impressive intelligence and leadership.

Beyond Football:

  • Advocates for social justice issues, particularly addressing food insecurity in his hometown.
  • Raised nearly $500,000 for the Athens County Food Pantry in his Heisman speech.
  • Uses pre-game rituals, such as listening to Kid Cudi, his childhood idol, and visualizing clutch throws.

Comeback Moments:

  • Demonstrated mental focus in comeback performances against the Chiefs and Raiders in 2022.
  • Kid Cudi and visualization play a role in his pre-game routines.
  • Cincinnati’s Transformation:
  • With Joe Burrow at the helm, the Bengals are no longer the laughingstock of the NFL.
  • The team is now young, exciting, and poised for sustained success under Burrow’s leadership.


Joe Burrow’s inspiring journey is a lesson in perseverance and self-belief. Despite setbacks, he refused to surrender his dreams, transforming from a benchwarmer to a champion at LSU. His story highlights the triumph of teamwork over raw talent, emphasizing that success is a collective effort. Burrow’s humility, evident in celebrating others’ victories, coupled with his infectious confidence, encapsulated by the rallying cry “Who Dey?” teaches us the power of self-assurance. In 100 words, Burrow’s tale echoes a simple yet profound message – dreams are worth pursuing, and with determination, anyone can triumph, one spiral pass at a time.

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