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Devin Booker: Bio, Age, Stats, Height, Awards & More

Devin Booker, a super talented basketball player born on October 30, 1996, comes from Michigan, where his journey to fame started, just like his dad’s dreams of playing basketball. Moving from the Kentucky Wildcats team to the Phoenix Suns, Booker’s skills grew a lot, just like a flower blooming in the desert.

His amazing ability to score 3-pointers amazed everyone, scoring an incredible 70 points in one game – a record-breaking achievement at a young age. Apart from scoring, his talent in helping his team score and win games helped the Suns get to the 2021 NBA Finals and win a huge 64 games in 2022. With an Olympic gold medal from 2020, Booker’s future shines as bright as the sun in Arizona. Get ready to see some amazing plays from Booker!

Devin Booker’s personal details

Devin BookerInformation
Full NameDevin Armani Booker
Birth DateOctober 30, 1996
HometownGrand Rapids, Michigan
Age27 (as of February 4, 2024)
FatherMelvin Booker
MotherVeronica Gutierrez
Other Family DetailsBrother: Davon Booker
OccupationBasketball player

His height, weight & body stats

Height6 ft 6 in (1.98 m)
Weight214 lb (97 kg)
Wingspan7 ft 0.5 in (2.15 m)
Chest42 in (107 cm)
Biceps16 in (41 cm)
Body Fat PercentageAround 6-8%

Early life & family

Devin Booker

Devin Booker’s life story begins in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where he was born on October 30, 1996. His family was different from the usual. His mom, Veronica, worked hard as a beauty specialist, while his dad, Melvin, played basketball, mostly in other countries. Growing up, Devin became very close to his mom and two half-siblings.

Even though his dad wasn’t around much, basketball was always a part of Devin’s life. Melvin, a former college star and NBA player, inspired Devin from afar. Summers spent with his dad in Mississippi were filled with basketball lessons, and Devin absorbed everything, seeing the sport as more than just a game.

Life had its difficulties. With his dad away, Devin relied on his mom and siblings. Veronica worked hard to provide for them, teaching Devin about hard work and staying strong. Devin became a dependable older brother and a strong support for his family.

As Devin got older, his skills in basketball became clear. He moved to Mississippi to live with his dad, choosing to play for a strong basketball team. This move was important for his growth and caught the attention of college scouts.

He chose the University of Kentucky, a respected school known for both basketball success and academics. Devin excelled on the court, leading Kentucky to the NCAA Tournament with his outstanding skills. But he wasn’t just a basketball star; he did well in his studies too.

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In 2015, after a year in college, Devin’s NBA dream came true. The Phoenix Suns picked him, and since then, he has become a big name in the NBA. Yet, despite his success, his love for family and his upbringing in Grand Rapids remain unchanged. Those early experiences laid the foundation for Devin Booker, the NBA sensation.

Devin Booker’s education & career journey

Devin Booker, the really good basketball player from the Phoenix Suns, didn’t start as this famous dunker in the NBA. His journey to becoming a basketball star began right in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Born in 1993, Devin loved basketball from the start. He spent lots of time playing with his dad, Melvin Booker, who used to play professionally too.

School wasn’t just something Devin did because he had to. He went to Grand Rapids Christian High School and did great both in studies and on the court. He wasn’t just good at scoring points; he also got really good grades, showing he was serious about school as well as basketball. He worked hard and got a scholarship to the University of Kentucky, a place where lots of future NBA players learn their stuff.

College was amazing for Devin. Fans loved him because he was so smooth with his shots and could make opportunities to score. In his first year, he took the Wildcats to the NCAA Tournament finals, even though they didn’t win, everyone knew Devin was special. After just one year, he made a bold move to enter the 2015 NBA Draft.

The Phoenix Suns picked Devin thirteenth overall. Getting into the NBA was tough. It’s a whole different game, faster and harder. Devin had to adjust, but he never stopped working. He got better at handling the ball and defending by putting in lots of effort.

Year after year, Devin got even better. He became great at scoring, getting over 20 points per game by his third season. He teamed up really well with Deandre Ayton, and they got the Suns back into the playoffs after more than ten years. Phoenix was excited, cheering for “Booker! Booker!”

But it wasn’t just about points for Devin. He became a leader, on and off the court. He spoke up for things like fairness and education, inspiring kids in his hometown and everywhere else. He showed that hard work and sticking to your dreams can make something possible, even if you’re from a place like Grand Rapids.

Devin Booker’s story is still going. He’s young and eager for more. With his skills, hard work, and strong belief in himself, there’s no doubt he will keep on shining in the NBA. He proves that dreams, hard work, and a little bit of magic from Grand Rapids can take you from playing around to reaching the very top in basketball.

Devin Booker’s top 10 game stats

Sl No.GameDateTeamOpponentPointsReboundsAssistsSteals
1March 24, 2017Phoenix SunsBoston Celtics708620
2January 30, 2019Phoenix SunsPortland Trail Blazers594630
3January 25, 2019Phoenix SunsUtah Jazz586740
4November 4, 2019Phoenix SunsWashington Wizards519820
5February 7, 2020Phoenix SunsPhiladelphia 76ers509740
6February 6, 2020Phoenix SunsDenver Nuggets4810721
7July 6, 2021Phoenix SunsLos Angeles Clippers (Playoffs)478620
8June 23, 2021Phoenix SunsLos Angeles Clippers (Playoffs)4010612
9January 25, 2023Phoenix SunsNew Orleans Pelicans457931
10December 10, 2023Phoenix SunsGolden State Warriors428640

His notable awards & achievements

  • NBA Achievements:
  • 3-time NBA All-Star: 2020, 2021, 2022
  • All-NBA First Team: 2022
  • NBA All-Rookie First Team: 2016
  • NBA Three-Point Contest Champion: 2018
  • Western Conference Finals MVP: 2021
  • Helped lead Phoenix Suns to two NBA Finals appearances (2021, 2023)
  • Set franchise file for most factors in a unmarried recreation (70 points): March 24, 2017
  • 5th participant in NBA records with a triple-double and 60-factor recreation in a single season (2020-21)
  • Most points scored by using a player in a regulation loss (57 factors) against Dallas Mavericks in December 2021
  • College Highlights:
    • SEC Sixth Man of the Year: 2015
    • Led University of Kentucky to NCAA Tournament look: 2015
    • Averaged 29.7 points, 8 rebounds, and 4 assists in keeping with game in senior 12 months at Kentucky
  • International Recognition:
    • Won Gold Medal with Team USA at 2020 Tokyo Olympics
  • Individual Honors:
    • 2-time Kentucky Mr. Basketball (2013, 2014)
    • McDonald’s All-American (2014)

Booker’s relationships & personal life

Devin Booker, the amazing shooter from the Phoenix Suns, is quite interesting when it comes to his private life. Despite people being curious about him, he likes to keep things private. But let’s take a look behind the scenes and learn more about the person behind the basketball jersey.

Love and Life on the Court:

You might’ve heard about his past relationship with famous model Kendall Jenner, which caused a lot of excitement for 2 years. But things cooled off in 2023, and since then, Devin’s love life has been a secret. People like to guess and talk about it, but he’s good at avoiding those questions.

Family Connections:

Family is really important to Devin. He’s very close to his parents, Melvin Booker and Veronica Gutierrez. His dad, who used to play professional basketball too, is like his biggest supporter and teacher, passing on a strong work ethic and a love for the game.

More Than Basketball:

When he’s not making those long-distance shots, Devin’s all about video games, especially Fortnite. Plus, he’s big on giving back. He works with charities that help kids grow and learn. And guess what—he has even written a book for kids called “Devin Booker: Play to Win,” encouraging young athletes to chase their dreams.

A Private Side:

Even with all the attention, Devin’s personal life remains hidden. He rarely talks about who he’s dating, preferring to let his game do the talking. His calm, serious attitude has earned him lots of love from fans and teammates.

Some interesting facts about Devin Booker

  • Basketball Roots: Born right into a basketball family, Devin started out gambling early, even taking up professionals like Danilo Gallinari at simply 12!
  • Record-Breaking Scorer: Youngest participant to hit 60 points (even soared to 70 towards Boston!), with consecutive video games of 50 points to his name.
  • Three-Point Champ: Won the 2018 Three-Point Contest, showcasing his first rate long-range taking pictures abilties.
  • Phoenix Suns’ Hero: Led the Suns to their first NBA Finals in 26 years (2021) and set a team report with sixty four wins the following season.
  • Olympic Triumph: Represented Team USA in Tokyo 2020, grabbing a gold medal for the country.
  • Cultural Advocate: Proud of his Mexican-Puerto Rican heritage, Booker works to convey communities together in Phoenix.
  • Music Passion: Released a rap album as “Book” and creates beats for different artists, showcasing his love for track.
  • Fashion Icon: Known for his precise style, from vintage jerseys to sleek fits, making waves in basketball style.
  • Philanthropy: Founded the Devin Booker Bookworm Foundation, promoting literacy and a love for reading among kids.
  • Holistic Superstar: Booker isn’t always just about numbers; he brings skill, energy, and a determination to network, reshaping the concept of an NBA movie star.


Devin Booker’s story goes way beyond cool basketball moves. It’s about never giving up, proving people wrong, and getting through tough times. He grew up in Grand Rapids, a place crazy about basketball but lacking resources. Booker practiced on old, cracked courts because he loved the game. Colleges didn’t notice him much, but he took a chance on himself, did great at Kentucky, and then became a star with the Phoenix Suns.

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