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Damian Lillard Father, Mother, Siblings & Childhood

Damian Lillard, also known as “Dame Time,” was born in Oakland, California, on July 15, 1990. Raised by his single mother, Pamela, and grandmother, Alberta, in East Oakland, basketball served as his refuge, inspiring his dreams for success. Despite financial challenges, Dame’s skill and dedication propelled him to basketball stardom, ultimately earning him a place in the NBA.

Damian Lillard Biodata

Full NameDamian Lamonte Ollie Lillard Jr.
Birth DateJuly 15, 1990
HometownOakland, California
Age33 years old
FatherHouston Lillard
MotherGina Johnson
WifeRachel Nichols (married 2014)
ChildrenDamian Lillard III (son), Kaliyah Lillard (daughter)
OccupationBasketball player

Damian Lillard Father

In the heart of Oakland, where challenges loomed like shadows, Houston Lillard stood as a beacon of guidance for his son, Damian. Beyond the glitz and glam of NBA stardom, Houston was a steady force, a former basketball enthusiast who understood the complexities of the game and the pitfalls of the streets. In a neighborhood tainted by gangs and temptations, Houston, with his strong values, shielded Damian from the darkness, imparting not just basketball skills but life lessons.

damian lillard parents

Basketball, their shared passion, became the canvas on which Houston painted the picture of discipline, work ethic, and mental fortitude. Coaching Damian from a young age, every missed shot and challenging practice was a stepping stone, shaping the foundation of Damian’s future success. More than just a coach, Houston instilled in his son a profound sense of family and community, highlighting the importance of education as the key to unlocking doors beyond the court.

Houston’s parenting style was a blend of encouragement and firm guidance. While he urged Damian to be his own person and make independent choices, he was always there with a guiding hand, a listening ear, and a resolute “no” when necessary. Despite working multiple jobs to make ends meet, Houston’s love and unwavering support served as a constant light in the darkness, shaping Damian’s character and determination.

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In crucial moments, such as when Damian contemplated transferring schools due to an uncertain coaching situation, it was Houston’s rock-solid conviction that convinced him to weather the storm. Beyond the flashy headlines and the moniker of “Dame Time” clutch shooter, Damian Lillard’s success is deeply rooted in the unwavering support and guidance provided by his father, Houston. A man who, without seeking recognition, played the most crucial role of all: being a dad.

Who is Damian Lillard’s Mother

Gina Johnson, the foundation of Damian’s life, was a woman who let her actions speak louder than words. Living in the challenging streets of Oakland, she quietly navigated her way through life as a single mother with three jobs. From processing medical insurance forms during the day to working at the fast-food grill at night, Gina’s life was a whirlwind of hustle and hard work. Despite the chaos, she remained a constant pillar of support for her children, particularly Damian, the youngest of the trio.

Gina’s love for Damian went beyond the practicalities of life. It was a strong force, silently promising strength in every hug. The bond between them found its unique expression on the worn basketball court near their apartment – a sanctuary where Gina’s cheers became a rhythmic backdrop to Damian’s games. While not a coach, Gina imparted essential life lessons through the game, teaching Damian about resilience, humility, and accountability.

Damian absorbed these lessons like cherished charms, understanding his mother’s sacrifices and unwavering love. Her fatigue, hidden by a persistent smile, and her worries, overshadowed by unyielding belief, became the driving force behind his journey. As Damian ascended to NBA stardom, the distance between them couldn’t sever the unbreakable bond. Gina remained his anchor, her quiet pride resonating in every highlight of his career.

In the grand narrative of Damian Lillard’s life, the NBA star, his success is a testament to the quiet symphony of a mother’s love. It’s not showcased in grand gestures, but in the everyday echoes of unwavering support, subtle lessons, and a fierce belief that flourished even in challenging circumstances. While the roar of the NBA crowd may drown the world, in those serene moments, Damian still hears his mother’s voice – a guiding star, an unyielding force that forever shapes his remarkable journey.

His Siblings

Houston Lillard, the older brother of NBA superstar Damian Lillard, pursued a basketball career, albeit to a lesser extent. While Damian reached great heights in the NBA, Houston’s professional journey was limited to a brief stint in the NBA G League after playing college ball at Weber State, the same school Damian attended. Despite not achieving the same NBA success, Houston continues to be a steadfast supporter and a source of unwavering encouragement for his younger brother.

On the other hand, Damian’s younger half-brother, Jerian Grant, has successfully established himself in the NBA. With an impressive college career at the University of Maryland, Jerian has played for various teams, including the Denver Nuggets, Philadelphia 76ers, and Orlando Magic. The bond between the brothers is strong, and Damian openly admires Jerian’s talent and dedicated work ethic. This family connection extends beyond the basketball court, reflecting the values of support, encouragement, and shared admiration among the Lillard brothers.

Childhood with Family

Growing up in the lively neighborhood of East Oakland, Damian’s childhood was a mix of different people and cultures that fueled his love for basketball.

In the early stages of his sports journey, while his brother leaned towards football, young Damian was fascinated by skating and the rhythmic dance of basketball. The local skating rink and basketball court were not just places; they were the heartbeat of his growing years.

Starting his high school adventure at St. Joseph Notre Dame in Alameda, California, Damian found himself in a place that had once shaped the legendary NBA player Jason Kidd. Seeking new opportunities, he later moved to Oakland High School, where, under the guidance of Coach Orlando Watkins, he refined his skills, leaving the court ablaze with an average of 22.4 points per game.

Enter the Oakland Rebels, the crucible of Damian’s transformation within Oakland’s top Amateur Athletic Union basketball program. It was here that his signature moves, like the dagger step-back jump shots and mesmerizing reverse backspin layups, became a part of basketball history.

Moving on to the college stage with the Weber State Wildcats, Damian’s brilliance shone, earning him not one but two Big Sky Player of the Year awards and securing his position as the second-highest scorer in the university’s history.

The professional stage called, and Damian answered by joining the Portland Trail Blazers, making an immediate impact that echoed through the league. The NBA Rookie of the Year Award was a testament to his skills, along with a substantial $120-million contract that reflected his rapid rise.

Facing challenges and overcoming injuries, Damian not only triumphed but also set a record as the fastest player to reach 10,000 points in professional basketball.

Beyond the basketball court, Damian’s diverse talents shine. A wordsmith in his own right, he weaves verses as a rapper and hip-hop artist, with albums and singles that resonate beyond the sports world. Enter 4-Bar Friday, his social media platform on Instagram, where aspiring rappers showcase their lyrical skills.


Damian Lillard’s path from a high school student in Oakland to an NBA All-Star showcases the importance of dedication, resilience, and continuous support from family. His diligent work habits, developed through practicing alone in gyms and parks, demonstrate the consistent encouragement from his father. Lillard’s story emphasizes the significant impact of parental guidance and self-belief in shaping individual futures. It shows that unwavering commitment and strong support, even without exceptional athleticism or instant recognition, can help achieve one’s dreams.

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